Private Fees


Certificate Fees
Private Sickness Certificate £30.00
Driving Licence (Per Person & at GP discretion) £30.00
Holiday Cancellation £30.00
Certificate of Incapacity/ongoing illness £30.00
Fitness to Travel Certificate £30.00
Special Travel Certificate (see below) £30.00
Completion of Claim form £30.00


Medicals Fees
Medical Examinations £125.00
Pre-Employment (e.g. Police Force) £60.00
Driving (Elderly, Racing, Diabetic, Taxi, HGV) £60.00
School/University Entrance (Including Dulwich Prep) £60.00
Sports Fitness (Flying/Diving etc) £60.00
Court Exemption on Medical Grounds £60.00

The maximum fee payable for any service is £125, you will be asked to sign a fees form to confirm that you agree for The Practice to carry out a non-NHS service for you. Our administrator will advise you of the relevant fee once she has viewed your request; this can be a request for a form to be filled in, a letter or appointment for a medical examination.

Reports and Letters

Reports and Letters Fees
All Formal Reports (Solicitors/insurance etc) £90.00
Short report on a proforma £50.00
Photocopy of Notes (Per Page) £0.40
Direct Extract From notes/computer records/simple letter
(e.g. Past medical history/Medications taken/Immunisations etc)
Power of Attorney forms £80.00
Power of Attorney forms (home visits) £100.00
Letter £15.00
Detailed £20.00
Registration letter £20.00

Foreign Travel

Foreign Travel Fees
Meningitis ACWY £65.00
Yellow Fever (Injection & Certificate) £60.00
International Certificate of Vaccination (and duplicates) £15.00
Private Prescription £18.00
Fitness to Travel Certificate £30.00
Special Travel Certificate
(e.g. confirming equipment/drugs for travel / Special Seating arrangements)

Non-NHS work takes time to complete; therefore the minimum charge for any service is £15.00, this is to cover our basic administrative costs. Please allow ten working days for us to process your request.

Please note we are unable to accept cheques or card payments, therefore patients are advised to bring the correct money.