Women’s Cervical Screening

Current waiting times for cervical screening results

There are widespread delays to cervical screening results across London. Women should receive their results within 14 days of the sample being taken. This target is referenced in the national invitation letters and leaflets, which cannot be altered. Instead, many women are experiencing delays of weeks (see below).

Therefore, we ask that you communicate this to women attending for screening in your area. Please ask sample takers to inform women, at the time of taking the sample, that there may be a delay in receiving the results.

We previously sent you a cervical screening sample taker FAQ and a patient FAQ about the delay which can be used to provide more information. Please get in touch if you would like us to resend these.

Local laboratories may also be in touch with CCGs and GPs you to provide further updates on waiting times.

Total Waiting Times as of May 2019 :33 Days

For further information please contact: Oliver.paul2@nhs.net

View our Cervical Screening Results Delay FAQ